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AF-516 SS
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Advantages: Compact Design: Single-piece Machine Requiring Minimum Shop Floor Space Coil Capacity: Built-in Two-In-One Coil Holder & Two Ea. 10,000 Lb. Expanding Coil Mandrels for 19in. to 25in. Coil I.D.’s. Production Functions: Leveling, Beading, End & Vee Notching, and Folding & Shearing. Produces Duct In the Flat, In “L’s”, “U’s”, or “Fully Folded, 4-Sided” In 4-ft, Or 5-ft. Lengths Save Labor & Material: One-Man Operation, “Zero Waste” Job-to-Job. And Serves As Cut-To-Length line To Produce Exact Required Sheet lengths For Fittings To Be Cut on Plasma Table


AF-516 SS Standard Features: • 2ea 10,000 LB Capacity Coil Mandrels • Coil Range 19″ ID or 27″ ID • Adjustable Leveler • Adjustable Beader (Maximum 18ga Capacity) • 2ea Adjustable “V” Notchers for S & D and TDF/C • 2ea Adjustable Corner Notchers for S & D and TDF/C • 5′ 16ga Capacity Shear • 5′ 16ga Capacity Folder • Material Jam Detector • CNC Controller with USB Port and Color LCD Screen • Base machine is one piece (14′ L x 6’6″ W) AF-516 SS Options: • Additional Coils • Power Coil Drive (CDA) • Automatic Female Side Eject Pittsburgh Rollformer • Gague Counter • Down Load from Plasma Cutting Software The Space Saver can produce the following: Flat cut to length blanks with or without beads Flat cut to length duct with notches (1,2,3 or 4 piece) “L” Sections with or without notches “U” Sections with or without notches Fully Wrapped Duct Sections with or without notches Produces Male Pittsburgh

ADVANCE Auto-Fold Space Saver Coil Line

ADVANCE Auto-Fold Space Saver Coil Line
Coil Line