Who We Are

The owner of Three Rivers Machinery aka SheetMetalMachinery is Norm Uddstrom. He started in this industry in 1981 in Dallas, Texas after receiving a marketing degree from West Virginia University. He has worked for some of the leading machine tool dealers in the United States. Being employed at these top dealers brought with it high level training for everything from the very basic Pittsburgh/Snaplock machines to the most advanced CNC folders in the world. He has been professionally trained on RAS, FASTI, Schechtl, Roper Whitney, Tennsmith, Jorns and Cidan folders. On the HVAC side of the industry he had professional training on Lockformer, Ductformer, Engel, Advance, Iowa Precision, Flagler, Tinknocker, Rollformer and New Tech. This education is an invaluable resource because he knows the Pros and Cons of each brand and his vendors. This allows the recommendation of the proper machine for each buyer’s plans and budget. After working for one of the nations leading supply houses in the Mid-Atlantic he decided to take www.SheetMetalMachinery.com and start Three Rivers Machinery in 2001. As they say, “the rest is history”. When not talking shop, you can find him playing hockey, watching hockey, golfing or boating. He and his wife most enjoy spending quality time with friends and family especially their three grandchildren.

Layne Uddstrom, was lucky enough to get into this business by marrying Norm. Layne has her under graduate degree from West Virginia University and her masters degree from Auburn University and is really the glue that holds the business together. She handles all parts sales, accounting, payroll and administration at TRM. More than likely she will be the person you will first encounter when calling our offices. When not happily working at TRM she likes to ride bikes, golf, boat and simply spend quality time with her three grand kids, all are under the age of 3.