Influence Buyers That Count

If you are machine tool builder this is your area! This area is designed to allow you, the manufacturer, to showcase your products from your own website. With this incredible invention called the Internet, competition will become more fierce than anytime in the history of sales. You can separate yourself from your competition by advertising here on our website,

Turn away from the screen right now and ask yourself: Can I remember the name? We know you will, because our research has shown us that 9 out of 10 customers remember it the very first time! It’s just easy to remember and that’s all you need to get people looking at your website more often. Let’s face it advertising is expensive, but very necessary in this competitive environment. Buyers will; access this site knowing that at they will find the highest quality metal fabrication products and where they can get more information about them. It will become the place prospects turn to when they are serious about finding facts on products they’re looking to purchase. Advertise here and you will get the exposure needed to sell more product. Isn’t that what we’re all trying to do? Of course it it, and here is what we offer to you as one of our customers.

What You Can Expect

#1. We will advertise our site, which contains your site.
#2. We believe we will increase your exposure to end users.
#3. We will link your site to our site.
#4. We will send leads to you that we receive concerning your products.
#5. You will be able to showcase your products.
#6. You will reach the very highest quality prospects.
#7. You will be able to showcase your company and its services.
#8. Customers can compare your products with competitive brands.

What’s the cost to advertise? A popular question and one we think you will be pleasantly surprised if you fill out the form below. It’s really cheap! This offer is open to any Machine Tool Builder, Dealer of new or used machinery or if you are a Supplier to the trade.

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