Power Squaring Shears (Inch)
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"The most dependable machine on the market today." 100% American Made In addition to the model AS shear, we now offer an economical model CS shear in ¼" x 10′ and ¼" x 12′ and 3/8" x 10′ and 3/8" x 12′ capacities. The CS is an extremely affordable version of the model AS shear that we have been making for over 30 years. The model CS shear has the same hydra-mechanical, guillotine straight line cutting action drive system as the AS, as well as the 5 year parts and limited labor warranty. Like the AS, the CS also comes standard with our 36" travel, PLC controlled backgauge with "Go-To" and multi-level programming. The main difference between the AS and the CS is that the CS is only available in the ¼" and 3/8" x 10′ and 12′ capacities and it is only available with a limited amount of options, whereas the AS is available in many lengths and capacities and has a wider variety of options to choose from. An advantage of the CS is that it comes standard with many features that the AS does not come with. Like the AS, the CS comes standard with an extremely heavy duty frame; Industrial quality electrics; 80,000 P.S.I. steel capacity, and the same high quality, readily available components. Unlike the AS however, the CS also comes standard with a manual quick change blade gap adjustment; a quantity of (2) hand slots and (2) t-slots in the shear table; a 4′ squaring arm with imbedded scale and an impressive list of other standard features. Optionally, the CS can be equipped with a longer squaring arm; 24" t-slot support arms; swing stops for the squaring arm; gravity stops for the t-slots; protractors; impact pads for the hold down cylinders, higher carbon blades and conveying, stacking and sheet support systems.


Model CS Shear Standard Features: - 5 Year parts and limited labor warranty - 100% Made In The U.S.A. - 80,000 P.S.I. steel capacity - High quality chrome shock resistant four edge blades - 3 position, hooded and latched safety type footswitch - High tonnage hydraulic hold down cylinders - Shadow light for cutting to a line - (2) Hand slots machined in the table - (2) T-slots machined in the table - Low friction, low maintenance NSM bearings that require very limited lubrication - High strength chromed shafts in the guillotine drive system - 4 ‘ squaring arm with imbedded scale (4′ total length from blade) - Unitized high strength frame - Overload protection - Blade relief angle - Standards to meet OSHA and ANSI B11.4 specifications - Complete hydraulics with filter and oil in the reservoir - Shock-less quite operation - 120 volt electrical control system - Clear area under backgauge - Low maintenance, extremely heavy duty design - Guillotine straight line cutting action designed for 80,000 PSI steel - Adjustable hold down tonnage for sensitive material - Extremely heavy duty, 36" travel, PLC controlled backgauge with Go-To and multi-level programming, operator password protection and many other features Shears Specifications: Front view of a model AS500-10 shear, shown with optional 4′ squaring arm. (2) 36" heavy duty, t-slot support arms, (2) 5/8" t-slots milled in table, and a 5/8" t-slot milled across front edge of table to allow support arms to be moved the full length of the shear table. Massive unitized frame 80,000 P.S.I. steel capacity. Guillotine straight line cutting action. 100% Owned, Operated and Manufactured completely in the U.S.A. All components from U.S. suppliers like Square D electrics and Vickers hydraulics that are readily available from your local vendors. Hydraulic Shears: Front view of a model AS500-14 shear equipped with optional hand slots to allow operators to get hands under workpiece, and a t-slot across the front edge of the bed. This machine is also equipped with a power blade gap adjustment that allows operators to instantaneously change the blade gap clearance instantly at the push of a button located on the front of the shear. Simple and easy to understand controls. Complete O.S.H.A. and ANSI B11.4 compliance. Shadow light for precision shearing line. Heavy duty 3 position footswitch. Fully adjustable stroke length with full capacity throughout the entire stroke. Rear view of a Standard shear with optional power swing-away backgauge, this power swingaway backgauge comes with 48" of travel and instantly pulls the entire backgauge up and out of the way. The Standard Industrial backgauge is the most heavy duty unit available on the market today. Extremely heavy duty 36" travel, PLC controlled backgauge with "go-To" control and multi-level programming. Manual swingaway backstop for shearing pieces longer than the travel of the backgauge. Clear area under backgauge for stacking/conveying equipment. Rear backgauge shaft is fitted with couplings to allow end to end adjustment of the backstop. The heavy duty backgauge consists of gear reducers to provide power to high quality, precise lead screws which power the traverse assemblies. These assemblies are carried on heavy roller bearings which require no lubrication and have no sliding friction. All bearings and gears are readily available from your local vendor. Complete control of all operations located on front of shear. Digital display showing precise location of backstop in inches or millimeters. Overload protection to prevent damage to machine. Meets J.I.C. standards with liquid tight enclosures and magnetic starter. Inch mode allows complete ram control throughout stroke.

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Power Squaring Shears (Inch)