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The New AUTOFOLD AF-516 SEE Duct Fabricating Coil Line offers the ability to produce 48” to 60” wide “L”, “U”, or “Full Wrapped” joints of duct with your choice of Pittsburgh or Snap-Lock Male and female seams depending on options purchased. “L” sections of duct with both seams are produced approximately every 35 seconds, depending on duct size. Sheared blanks are produced in 48” to 60” widths with and without beading. The AUTOFOLD AF-516 SEE is expandable to a FULL AUTOFOLD Coil Line or the addition of the New AUTOFOLD FABRI-FLANGE System! Programming is done at the New TouchScreen Windows© based PC Control with State-Of-The-Art Flash Memory Hard Drive and remote control box. The PC Control allows single data input for all line functions. The control offers new graphics, system diagnostics, remote input and optional Virtual Wireless Servicability!!! The small footprint incorporated with the Heavy-Duty all gear driven construction makes the Advance Cutting Systems’ AUTOFOLD Coil Lines & i-FOLD Coil Lines the choice of today’s metal fabricator! Machine Specifications for the BASE AF-516 Coil Line: • 5ft. x 16-gauge mild steel capacity. • 1⁄2” Solid Steel Plate Construction. • Self Diagnostics for machine safety and maintenance. • Line speed: Up to 65 FPM fast, 8 FPM slow. • Bosch Internal self-contained hydraulic system. • No Pneumatics • One power drop • Servo-Direct Hydraulic Drive - No Linkage, Chains or Belts One 2-in-1 10,000 lb. Low Profile Coil Cradles: • Total number of coil stations: Two (2) Standard • Optional Cradles Available • Fastest Coil Loading in the Industry Two (2) Expanding Coil Mandrels, to accommodate: • Maximum coil width: 60 inches, Inside adjustable coil dimensions: 19 to 23 inches Adjustable In-feed Guide: • Manual guide adjustment for coil widths and variances. • The coil is squared inches before the initial pinch rolls, so the metal is square through the AUTOFOLD. Seven (7) Station All Gear Driven Leveling Rolls: • Heavy duty all gear driven leveling/beading system is standard. • All gear drive direct drive ensures no material slippage due to chain stretch. • Dual side gear driven tensioning eliminates rolling or twisting of duct found in chain tensioning systems. Slip/Drive and TDF/TDC Notching: • Includes two (2) combination “V” dies • (2) Combination “Lock” dies. (Capacity for S & D and TDF/TDC) • Computer controlled notching allows infinite One (1) Hydraulic Shear: • 5' x 16ga. Mild Steel Capacity Shear One (1) 5ft. x 16ga Hydraulic Folder (SOLID Machined Steel – NO Tubing): • Minimum fully wrapped duct section is 6in x 6in, your material handling capability only limits maximum size. • Fully guarded end-caps for operator safety One (1) Windows® PC Based Control: • Located on tether for ultimate utilization of shop floor space • Machine Diagnostics • Virtual Service - Wi-Fi Remote Internet Serviceability • Down Load from AutoDesk Fabrication CAMduct On-Site Installation and Training: • Includes all travel related expenses To get your formal quotation on this productive coil line call 800-753-0393 or use the form attached to contact us for the very best price on this tool. We will offer concessions on FREIGHT helping reduce your cost even more!!!


AF-516 (SEE) Standard Features: • 1ea 2 in 1 “i” Beam Coil Holder • 2ea 10,000lb Capacity Coil Mandrels • Coil Range 19″ ID to 27″ ID • Adjustable Beader (Maximum 18ga Capacity) • Adjustable Leveler • Male Pittsburgh • 2ea Adjustable “V” Notchers for S & D and TDF/C • 2ea Adjustable Corner Notchers for S & D and TDF/C • 5′ 16ga Capacity Shear • 5′ 16ga Capacity Folder • Material Jam Detector • CNC Controller with USB Port and Color LCD Screen AF-516 (SEE) Options: Options in the column below have links to additional information. • Gague Counter • Tie Rod Punching • Additional Coils • Power Coil Drive (CDA) • Addition of down stream TDF/C see Autofold SEE Ductmaker • 4 Coil Selector Station • Automatic Change over between Female Pittsburgh and Snaplock • Dual Head Drive Cleat Roll Former • Down Load from Plasma Cutting Software • Automatic Female Side Eject Pittsburgh & Snaplock Rollformer • Additional 2 in 1 “I” Beam Coil Holders The base AF-516-SEE can produce the following: Flat cut to length blanks with or without beads Flat cut to length duct with notches (1,2,3 or 4 piece) “L” Sections with or without notches “U” Sections with or without notches Fully Wrapped Duct Sections with or without notches Produces Male Pittsburgh

ADVANCE AutoFold 516AF Side Eject Expandable Coil Line System

ADVANCE AutoFold 516AF Side Eject Expandable Coil Line System
Full Coil Line