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The Advance Fabriflange is possibly the one machine that all the manufacturers of HVAC equipment wished they had come up with first. This ONE machine has three (3) Sets of TDF or TDC tooling on it. (your choice). It acts as a free standing TDF/TDC/TDX Rollformer for your fittings, then it is a Duplex Rollformer that takes your flat notched straight sheets and rollforms both sides of the sheet, then folds it up into your choice of L-Shape, U-Shape or Full Wrapper Duct. If you add this one machine to your existing starter line, no matter the brand, Iowa Precision, Engel, Vicon, Chinese whatever, you will immediately be able to compete better with the larger more equipped shop in your area that might own a full coil line. And you’ll be able to do it for 25% of the cost of a full line. This units are in extremely high demand and delivery is typically several months, but you’ll be glad you got yours on order. Call us please and let’s discuss this revolutionary machine for the HVAC industry. The newly designed Fabri-Flange has been designed to take a flat sheet duct from a Autofold side eject. The unique dual hydraulic control system takes a flat notched sheet with a male and female lock and folds it into a full wrap or “l” shape box whilst automatically forming a roll on flange. This process takes under a minute and significantly saves factory floor space while increasing production rates. No input of sizes are required as the machine will fold on the notched corners whatever they may be. The Windows operated control monitors the machine, adjusting for errors in rollform slippage during production. The machine is fully hydraulic and requires a single power supply. Different flange types are available. Outboard rolls as standard are clip on e side and flange on the other for fittings, these can be run separately. The Patent Pending AUTOFOLD Fabri-Flange TDF/C System takes a seamed flat L, U or Full Wrap and rollforms the TDF/C flange onto both sides of the duct and automatically brakes the duct to size into the desired L, U or Full Warp piece! In addition, you can use the Fabri-Flange to rollform your TDF/C Fittings and make your Clip for all your duct and fittings!! The Fabri-Flange takes the advantages of the $500,000 backend of a Full Coil Line, a free-standing TDF/C Rollformer and Clip Rollformer and incorporates them in a small stand alone system for a fraction of the price! AUTOFOLD Fabri-Flange Specs: o Works with TDF/C Slit Notches o Dual-Head TDF/C Rollformers with infeed guides o 5' or 4' width 18ga Capacity o Adjustable Infeed Guide o External TDF or C Rolls for Fittings o External Clip Rolls o Full Wrap Brake for TDF/C o Removable Out-feed Support o Easy to Use PLC Control o Self Contained Hydraulic System (No Pneumatics) o One 480/3 Phase Power drop o On-Site Installation & Training LOW PRICE GUARANTEE ON THIS PRODUCT 800-753-0393 we have sold this item, call to discuss, we know this product. Thanks!

ADVANCE Fabriflange TDF TDC TDX Duplex Rollformer Fabri-Flange

ADVANCE Fabriflange TDF TDC TDX Duplex Rollformer Fabri-Flange
Roll Formers