Coil Feed Lines
AutoFold 516-Space Saver
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Compact Design: Single-piece Machine Requiring Minimum Shop Floor Space Coil Capacity: Built-in Two-In-One Coil Holder & Two Ea. 10,000 Lb. Expanding Coil Mandrels for 19in. to 25in. Coil I.D.’s. Production Functions: Leveling, Beading, End & Vee Notching, and Folding & Shearing. Produces Duct In the Flat, In “L’s”, “U’s”, or “Fully Folded, 4-Sided” In 4-ft, Or 5-ft. Lengths In 4-ft, Or 5-ft. Lengths Save Labor & Material: One-Man Operation, “Zero Waste” Job-to-Job. And Serves As Cut-To-Length line To Produce Exact Required Sheet lengths For Fittings To Be Cut on Plasma Table The Space Saver can produce the following: Flat cut to length blanks with or without beads Flat cut to length duct with notches (1,2,3 or 4 piece) “L” Sections with or without notches “U” Sections with or without notches Fully Wrapped Duct Sections with or without notches Produces Male Pittsburgh

Max Weight Capacity10,000 lb

2ea 10,000 LB Capacity Coil Mandrels Adjustable Leveler 2ea Adjustable “V” Notchers forS & D and TDF/C 5′ 16ga Capacity Shear Material Jam Detector Base machine is one piece (14′ L x 6’6″ W) Coil Range 19″ ID or 27″ ID • Adjustable Beader (Maximum 18ga Capacity) 2ea Adjustable Corner Notchers for S & D and TDF/C 5′ 16ga Capacity Folder CNC Controller with USB Port and Color LCD Screen AFF Standard Options Additional Coils Automatic Female Side Eject Pittsburgh Rollformer Down Load from Plasma Cutting Software Power Coil Drive (CDA) Gauge Counter

ADVANCE AutoFold 516-Space Saver

ADVANCE AutoFold 516-Space Saver
Coil Feed Lines