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High torque and high resolution have been engineered into this design to accommodate improved plasma bevel cutting technologies. It is equipped to handle your job requirements and is flexible enough for adaptation to future process requirements. Call 800-753-0393 for quotation and or information. Mastergraph Extreme is the perfect fit to increase production and save time for industries within the: Steel Service Centers Heavy Fabricators Tank Manufacturers Shipbuilders General Fabricators and the alike Mastergraph Extreme Benefits Plasma & Oxy-fuel cutting process capatible Standard Equipment Operator Console: Hard-wired switches for powering machine, selecting oxy-fuel station, operation and E-stop button. Swivels to the left or right for better ergonomic machine operation. Emergency Stop Button: E-stop button quickly and safely shuts off machine motion and cutting process, including oxy-fuel gases to the torches. Linear Way and Heat Shields: Wide profile replaceable linear roundway provides for a smooth and accurate cutting motion. Heavy duty heat shields protect machine from heat and sparks. Rear Shelf Component Covers: Prevents damage to components from harsh cutting environment such as, smoke, sparks, and dirt (shown with optional Hi-Lo Oxyfuel gas system). Limit Switches: Used for over-travel as well as homing of the machine. Rail Axis Cable Carrier: Can be mounted on the floor or overhead. A sealed design keeps hoses and cables protected from harsh environments. Large Diameter Drive Pinions: Large diameter pinions offer accurate and smooth machine motion. Maintenance Free Guide Rollers: Sealed bearings for linear roundway. Main Rail Saddle Heat Shields: Protects main beam and rails when cutting heavy metal. Heavy Duty H-Beam and Rail Design: Provides highly accurate symmetry for the basis of precision cutting and smooth motion. Allows expansion of rail length and use of common rail for two or more machines. Air Tensioning System: For proper pinion-to-rack engagement; extends pinion and rack life. Slave Carriage Band Clamp: Allows easy and accurate placement and spacing of tools such as, oxy-fuel and plasma torches; allows mirror cutting of parts. Heavy Duty Slave Carriage Steel Band: Endless loop stainless steel band keeps motion of transverse axis accurate and smoth when using multiple torches. Koike-Engineered Main Electrical Enclosure: Offers “off-the-shelf” components including Yaskawa drives Optional CNC Controls Hypertherm® EDGE Pro ITT Burny 10LCD Plasma Systems & Options Koike Aronson offers three brands of plasma cutting system:Hypertherm, Victor Thermal Dynamics and Burny Kaliburn.. UltraSharp Technology: This system has been calibrated to ensure the highest quality in hole cutting TrueHole™by Hypertherm®: produces significant hole quality 3D-LT Bevel Unit: rotates in a continuous 360 degree pattern, can perform postive and negative bevel angles of 50 degrees. Hypertherm ArcGlide Torch INOVA Precision Arc Voltage Manual Plasma Bevel Station Oxy-Fuel Systems & Options Auto Ignitor: Safely ignites oxy-fuel torches with the convenience of never having to leave operator station Torch Bevel Head Attachment: the bevel head attachment is used in place of the a Koike cutting tip. Twin Tip Holder: Coverts a signle oxy-fuel cutting torch into dual cutting torches. Allows strip cutting and a closer distance between small parts. D7 Cutting Tips: High quality, Faster Cutting, Gas Savings, Durable Oxy-Fuel Torch Stations Pneumatic Dot-Peen Stamp Marker Station: Carbide tipped variable speed punch for marking bend lines, layout lines, drill locations and lettering/numbering as small as 1/4″ high Hi-Lo Oxy-Fuel Gas System with Auto Ease-On : Allows hi-lo preheat for fast preheating of plate and superior cutting quality. Features auto ease-on pierce control for cut oxygen. Allows for precise piercing on thicker plate. Tables Options Zoned Downdraft Cutting Table Water Cutting Table Other Options Fume Extraction Unit – made by Donaldson ExtraLife™ Safety Light Curtain: will shut-off machine if anything comes withint eh path of the light curtain while machine is in motion.

Advance Cutting Mastergraph Extreme

Advance Cutting Mastergraph Extreme
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