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The Duct Cutter II cutting system was introduced to the market in 2006 as the latest model in the Advance Cutting Systems product line. The Cutter II is a state of the art Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) Cutting System designed to use a plasma-cutting torch to cut out geometrical shapes and parametrically programmed HVAC (Duct Work) fittings. The fittings are programmed in the office using Profile Master PM-2000 Duct-CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) software; the parts are then nested on a sheet of metal to minimize material waste and are then cut out at high speed with the plasma torch. If you are looking to increase productivity, decrease labor and material cost and add profit to your bottom line, then the Cutter II is the machine for you! We will show you easily why the Advance Duct Cutter II is the finest HVAC table in the industry, it’s actually very easy to show. CALL 800-753-0393 for LOWEST DELIVERED PRICE ON THIS MADE IN USA MACHINE TOOL!!! The Cutter-II is offered in 5′ x 10′ or 5′ x 20′ models. As standard features, the Cutter -II includes the Hypertherm Ti Touch Screen Color Graphic Control, Hypertherm Powermax 1000 Plasma, Floating Head, Dell Office Computer, Dell Color Laser Printer, Down-draft Cutting Table and On-site Installation and Training.

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Cutting Area 5′ X 10′ Single Table or 5′ X 20′ Dual Table Positioning Accuracy +/- .012 inch Pierce Capacity (Max) 5/8″ Depending on the plasma Traverse Speed (Max) 1,400 Inches per Minute Controller Hypertherm Ti Touch Screen Color Graphic Drive System Direct Drive Servo Motors through Planetary Gear Box to Rack and Pinion Standard Torch Height Control Floating head Standard Plasma Hypertherm Powermax 1000 Computer System Dell Desktop Computer with Color Laser Printer

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PM-2000 Duct-CAM software includes SMACNA classifications and a fitting library of over 300 Rectangular Fittings, Round Fittings, Oval Fittings, Square to Round Fittings, Transitions, Multi-tap Fittings and more. PM-2000 also segments oversize fittings and produces management reports and tracking labels. PM-2000 can also be integrated with CAD-Duct (Computer Aided Drafting) and EST-Duct HVAC Estimating software offering the only “Totally Integrated Solution” to the HVAC contractor. Technical Sales International (TSI) is the supplier of CAD-Duct and EST Duct for North America. Profile Master PM-2000 / Duct Cam Features: Windows XP Based Rectangular Fittings Round Fittings Oval Fittings Geometric Fittings Automatic Nesting Manual Nesting Oversize Part Segmentation Opus 4 CAD Drawing DXF files in and out Management Reports Part labels

Advance Cutter II HVAC Plasma Table

Advance Cutter II HVAC Plasma Table
Plasma Cutters