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PLASMA CUTTER We can provide every piece of equipment to form up TDC or TDF duct. You will probably want to have all of the components shown above as well as a brake to bend up the flanged duct. Typically shops use either a press brake, rotodie or one of the new TDC/TDF brakes on the market by several different manufacturers. We can provide you with a 12 or 16-station TDC/TDF rollformer. Call us and we will email you sheets so that you can run your own numbers to see if buying a TDC/TDF machine is right for your company. The rule of them we typically use for our customers is if you are buying 13,000 Linear Feet of 4-Bolt connector each year, you can justify buying our larger machine. If you are doing anywhere close to that number of feet of 4-bolt connector, buying one of our 12-station machines is certainly a good decision. Besides your plasma cutter, buying a TDC/TDF machine will make your company more money and save you labor time than nearly any other machine you can add to your sheet metal shop. Call us toll free at 800-753-0393 and one of our sales people will be happy to walk you through the process and we offer easy financing as well as quick delivery.

Shows TDC/TDF Duct & How to make it.

Shows TDC/TDF Duct & How to make it.